August 26. 2017.

The Party of Hungarian Community (SMKMKP) is watching the current crisis in the governing coalition with a great concern, reads a statement adopted by the SMK-MKP party at its Republic Council session, which took place in the village of Zemne (Nit

August 22. 2017.

King St. Stephen’s Day is one of the oldest holiday celebrated by Hungarian-speaking communities all around the world.

August 18. 2017.

Signature collection for the Minority SafePack — the European Citizens’ Initiative for Minority Protection owned by the Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN) — has also been started in Slovakia.

August 2. 2017.

We can’t tolerate ethnic discrimination in the education sector, in searching for a job or in any other field of life, said Hungarian Community Party (SMK-MKP) chairman Jozsef Menyhart on Wednesday to mark Roma Holocaust

July 31. 2017.

The Party of the Hungarian Community (SMK-MKP) fully understands the indignation that the people in Gemer have at yet another postponement of the scheduled construction of Express Road R2.

July 20. 2017.

A debate on the preparation of the G20 summit was hold at the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 7 and 8 July, in which Frans Timmermans, First Vice-President of the European Commission (EC), drew a parallel between today’

July 20. 2017.

The political leaders of the (ethnic) Hungarian parties of Transylvania (Romania), Vojvodina (Serbia), Slovakia and Transcarpathia (Ukraine) reported their experience on their decades-long struggle for the enforcement of minority rights in a Thurs

July 19. 2017.

(SMK-MKP) will also take part in the election in the Bratislava Region in a broad right-wing coalition,” says the statement of the SMK-MKP.

June 27. 2017.

The impoverishment of southern regions (with ethnic Hungarian inhabitants) in Slovakia has been a deliberate process since the regime change, and something must be done about it, said József Menyhárt, President of the Party of the Hungarian Commun

June 23. 2017.

Pál Csáky, SMK-MKP, MEP, welcomed the most important minority protection document of the Council of Europe, the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages today at the sitting of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

June 6. 2017.

The subject of today’s SMK-MKP press conference was the education strategy of SMK-MKP and the newly adopted act on Minority Culture Fund.

June 5. 2017.

As long as there are no statutory and systemwide solutions for the problems of the Hungarian minority schools in Slovakia, the Party of the Hungarian Community (SMK-MKP) wants to help them with a complex grants scheme based on a foundation model.

June 5. 2017.

We will spare no effort to achieve that the Beneš Decrees that deprived Slovakia’s Hungarian minority of its rights be annulled, the Secretary of State for National Policy (Hungary) said on Monday in Bonyhád, Tolna County.

May 19. 2017.

The Hungarian Economists’ Association of Slovakia presented South Slovakia’s first regional economic development plan, the Plan of Gábor Baross (PGB) in May 2014 in Dunajská Streda.

May 19. 2017.

The ethnic-Hungarian SMK-MKP and Most-Hid party will not cooperate in Nitra region in the upcoming regional elections, as the two parties failed to come to an agreement on a potential coalition during their negotiations, TASR learnt from Nitra sel

May 19. 2017.

The 62nd Congress of the Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN) took place in Cluj-Napoca (Kolozsvár), Transylvania, Romania, from 17-21 May 2017.

May 18. 2017.

The use of Hungarian language in Slovakia was one of the issues discussed at the last meeting of the Intergroup for Traditional Minorities, National Communities and Languages (Minority Intergroup) of the European Parliament (EP) in Strasbourg.

June 24. 2016.

However by a narrow margin, the British (UK) voters have chosen to leave the European Union. The exit of a member state is something so far unprecedented in the history of European integration.

June 16. 2016.

The concert of the Lajos Vass Choir of Hungarian Teachers in Slovakia had opened the exhibition of 16 Hungarian artists from Slovakia – painters, sculptors and architects – in the large central hall of the European Parliament.