Joseph Daul, president of the European People’s Party (EPP) received Jozsef Berenyi, president of SMK/MKP and Pal Csaky, Member of the European Parlaiment (SMK/MKP) during the People’s Party statutory congress in Madrid. During the discussion, representatives of SMK/MKP described the pre-election political situation in Slovakia. Parties agreed that Slovak members of the EPP (KDH, SDKÚ, Most-Hid, SMK/MKP) should have found the appropriate forms for cooperation for the elections, as without this the victory of Robert Fico and the SMER is unavoidable. Jozsef Berenyi informed Joseph Daul that SMK/MKP is ready to step into coalition with Most- Hid for the success of the European People’s Party.

The Madrid congress of European People’s Party (EPP) with more than three thousand participants ended on October 22, 2015. The SMK/MKP, as member of EPP took part on the two-day event with a five-member delegation.

It is an excellent achievement that with Kinga Gal, the European People’s Party, after three years, has a Hungarian vice-chairman again. Gal has been elected with an absolute majority of the general assembly. As a representative of Fidesz party, originating from the ethnic Hungarian community in Transylvania (Romania), she represents not only the governing party of Hungary in the EPP, but the issue of ethnic minorities too.