“As a result of efforts lasting for many years, a public hearing took place on Wednesday (22nd Apr) in the European Parliament, which dealt with problems of European traditional minorities
and the possible solutions. Experts invited from different parts of Europe, representatives of NGOs and international organizations, leaders of scientific research institutes gave a wellfounded, comprehensive analysis of the topic. Among others, SMK-MKP has invited for the event president of FUEN (Federal Union of European Nationalities), Hans Heinrich Hansen, who gave an exclusive overview of the question in Europe.

It is well-known that in Slovakia SMK-MKP is the party which addresses the situation of traditional minorities in a systematic way and with full commitment, and SMK-MKP is the only FUENmember from Slovakia. Edit Bauer, and Alajos Mészáros, former Members of the European Parliament have already arranged for such a hearing in the previous election period within the framework of the EP Intergroup committee on Traditional Minorities and Constitutional Regions.

I have repeated many times in the last few months that public hearing can’t fulfill its role if we stay on the level where previous hearings ended: if we only get together in a room, we name the problems, and perhaps talk about possible solutions too. We need more: the essence of the issue needs to be recorded in a written form so that one can refer to it later and that political work can be done on that basis. Thus, I am glad that the material has been developed and accepted, and will be forwarded to the leaders of the European People’s Party (EPP). I find it important that the presidency of SMK-MKP expressed its support as first one, also in a written form, to shift the issue to a political level. We have also agreed with the resident of FUEN that they will request for the agreement of EPP in a written form that the recommendations of the conference should be integrated into the documents of EPP, and also that EPP should take up an initiating role in the EP and in other European structures. The next step will take place in Autumn, when the self-government concept of the party will be introduced in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, in the presence of the SMK-MKP leadership.”

Pál Csáky (MEP, EPP/SMK-MKP)