Statements and recommendations of ombudsman, Jana Dubovcová, and her office remain unnoticed by the Slovak government recently. Representatives of the governing party (SMER-SD) in the Slovak parliament ignored her report on her 2014 activities. Her 40-minute report was heard by less than 10 MPs though her office introduced more than 3631 petitions in the last year. According to the petitions submitted at the ombudsman, fundamental human rights were violated on more than 270 occasions. Among them, 18 cases are still in progress.

The European Parliament follows the activities of national institutions dealing with the protection of human right and minority rights, and tries to cooperate with them as much as it can. Considering the above issues, Pál Csáky, Vice-President of the Petition Committee of the European Parliament addressed Jana Dubovcová in a letter, inviting her for a hearing to the European Parliament.(