The ethnic-Hungarian SMK-MKP party isn't pleased with the fragmentation of the ethnic-Hungarian minority in Slovakia, the non-parliamentary party said on Sunday in reaction to MP Zsolt Simon's (Independent) initiative.

Simon in Komarno (Nitra region) on Saturday (September 1) announced that he and his team are starting to collect signatures for founding a new political party called Magyar-Hungarian Forum.

"Everybody has a right to found a political party; naturally, if he meets the conditions set by law. However, we aren't pleased with the fragmentation of the ethnic-Hungarian community," said SMK-MKP spokesperson Helena Fialova.   

Simon was an SMK-MKP member in the past. After quitting the party, he cofounded the Most-Hid party, but left it as soon as it joined the governing coalition with Smer-SD and the Slovak National Party (SNS). Now he's founding a new party, as he believes that ethnic Hungarians in Slovakia have nobody to vote for. 

The emerging party has ruled out cooperation with Smer-SD, SNS and Marian Kotleba's far-right LSNS party. The party should be financed from its members' own money. It wants to bring about a change in generations and new attitudes. It should have representation in all the regions of Slovakia. Magyar-Hungarian Forum's ambition is to collect the 10,000 signatures required for a party to register itself as early as this year and to take part in the general election in 2020. 


(TASR, 2 Sept 2018)