On the invitation of József Menyhárt, Chairman of the Party of the Hungarian Community (SMK-MKP), the negotiating delegations of the Freedom and Solidarity (SaS), Ordinary People and Independent Personalities, New Majority (OĽANO), Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) and the host SMK-MKP consulted at the head office of the Hungarian party in Bratislava today.

The delegations were led by the national chairmen of the parties, namely Richard Sulík (SaS), Igor Matovič (OĽANO), Alojz Hlina (KDH), and József Menyhárt from the side of the host party. Following the one-and-a-half-hour consultation, the four party leaders held a joint press conference.

József Menyhárt stressed that they are witnessing the formation of a puppet government after the collapse of Fico administration in Slovakia. ‘Today’s meeting has shown that there are will and power to find an alternative to the government in power. The SMK-MKP can’t bear the thought of Hungarians living in Slovakia being judged by Béla Bugár’s disgraceful conduct.’ Mr. Menyhárt also added that ‘Slovakian Hungarians have always stood “on the right side of the barricade” in times of difficulty. Now, we are experiencing such defining moments, and the majority of Slovakian Hungarians want a decent Slovakia.’

According to Richard Sulík, today’s consultation is a very good example of the fact that the opposition parties are able to cooperate. It is also important to compete fairly for the support of voters, and there will be a real chance to transform today’s cooperation of the opposition parties into a coalition agreement that will set out the programme of a new and credible government.

Igor Matovič emphasised that one of the aims of their movement is to avoid wasting ‘democratic’ votes. To that end, the party stands ready to work together in partnership and cooperate with the Party of the Hungarian Community. With regard to the Most-Híd party, he stated that he believes it is to be treated in the exact same way as the Smer or Slovak National Party.

Alojz Hlina, Chairman of the Christian Democratic Movement, said that people should be aware of what comes after Fico’s administration and the fact that better times are coming. He regards politics as a kind of competition in which he seeks to find common ground between the parties.

The chairmen of all three Slovak opposition parties thanked József Menyhárt and the SMK-MKP for organising the consultation between the opposition parties. They have agreed to hold more consultations in the future; the next one will be hosted by Igor Matovič’s party.


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