“SMK-MKP received positively the initiative of the Roundtable of Hungarians in Slovakia (Roundtable, umbrella of the ethnic Hungarian NGOs) for a tripartite (SMK-MKP- MOST-HÍD – Roundtable) meeting. Therefore, on Apr 7, SMK-MKP replied to the initiative of Roundtable that it will take part in the discussions. However, we have read with regret that Most- Híd has rejected the discussion with SMK-MKP and Roundtable. However, the Hungarian-Hungarian dialogues and cooperation is crucial for the sake of survival and growth of the Hungarians in Slovakia, and also for the growth of southern regions in Slovakia. SMK-MKP continues to be open for discussions with Roundtable and MOST-HÍD in order to realize the above mentioned goals.” József Berényi (chairman,SMK-MKP)

SMK-MKP press release