József Berényi (chairman, SMK-MKP), took part on a two-day Political Assembly of the European People’s Party. The president of the party included several other two-party meetings into his program.

Jószef Berényi and Pál Csáky (MEP, EPP/ SMK-MKP) were received by Manfred Weber, the leader of the EPP caucus in the European Parliament, in their parliament office. During their meeting, they have reviewed the political situation in Slovakia, with special regard to the upcoming election in Spring 2016, and the election chances of the right-wing political forces in Slovakia. The parties agreed that EPP needs to keep up with goals defined in the strategic documents of EPP. Two representatives of SMK-MKP were also received by Joseph Daul, president of the EPP. The discussion focused on a possible cooperation during elections between the Slovak members of EPP (KDH, SDKÚ-DS, Most-Híd, SMK-MKP). The president of the EPP gave voice to his strong opinion that the only way to counter-balance the long-term rule of the leftist populism to to join the forces of the rightwing parties.

József Berényi and Pál Csáky attended the informal event ‘Fidesz-salon’ of the Hungarian governing party, on the invitation of Ildikó Gáll Pelczné (vice-president of the European Parliament).

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